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Complain About It

Where bitching is considered a positive form of problem solving.

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Where bitching is considered a positive form of problem solving.
Complain About It

This community was founded to share the Complain About It theory with others.

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The Theory

The theory is that when you have a problem that you can't seem to figure out, if you finally complain about it to someone, the answer will come to you. The reason that this works is because to complain about something you have to recap the facts so that you can fully relay your problem to someone who does not understand your situation. Then they usually just stare at you blankly anyway and can't help. But by refreshing yourself of the problem, you tend to work out a solution to the problem on your own. Sometimes you just need to vent, and this is the place to do that.

This theory has worked to help me solve many a story crisis, solve character problems, or break writer's block. BUT, I think this could help with lots of other situations outside of writing.


1. For this to work, you have to provide details. We don't need names or anything, just as much detail as you can offer. A post that just says, "Omg I have no idea what to do!!" doesn't help. Explain your situation. If you have options, explain how each option could be good or bad. Analyze it as much as possible. You have to be thinking about your problem and wanting to find a solution.

2. If your post gets too long (a few very thick paragraphs is too long) please make an lj-cut.

3. Offering advice is awesome. It helps a lot more if there is someone to further discuss the problem with. Don't necessarily expect this, however.

4. Swearing behind a cut is fine, but try to avoid it altogether. It generally isn't very helpful.

5. If a post is considered to be vulgar, unhelpful, or illegal, etc, it will be removed without warning. Just think about what you're posting and this should never be an issue.

6. If the Complain About It Theory pulls through for you, it would be awesome if you updated your post to reflect that. :)

PLEASE NOTE: This comm is for bitching with the aim to RESOLVE a PROBLEM. If you just want to rant for the sake of ranting, that's awesome, I love to do it too, but this isn't the place.

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Basically do an interest search for rants and you will find anything for the topic you need.